1,000 sqm refurbished overnight.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: Refurbishment of public areas on three floors of one of Berlin’s largest shopping centers; including a wayfinding system, new furnishings, and unique ceiling designs.
  • Special features: Building period of just seven months, outside of shopping center business hours; integration of existing technology, daily setup of construction site.
  • Approach: Exclusively nighttime execution, close coordination with shopping center operator, architect, and building services.

Alexa | Berlin
Four cluster malls were modernized according to a new design concept

Alexa | Berlin
4 m long seating furniture was specially styled and ornamented

Alexa | Berlin
Installation of a new substructure for ceiling and lighting elements

The shining new details are the result of intensive conception, development, and testing: central ceiling elements comprise 215 illuminated and 360 unlit prisms.
Can you do it? Refurbish three floors of our Alexa shopping center in seven months according to a new design concept? Of course we can – overnight!
Every evening after the doors closed, the (night) shift work began. Precisely planned and scheduled by Schwitzke Project, it involved, among other measures, breaking through 1,000 sqm of drywall ceiling – the prerequisite for anchoring a completely new kind of prismatic light construction.
These prismatic compositions were unique objects, just like almost all of the other elements Schwitzke Project conceived, tested, and realized on the basis of the architectural plans: the new wayfinding system, individually ornamented seating elements with an integrated smoke extraction system, or the specially developed, undulating chain curtains.
Schwitzke Project’s responsibilities likewise included all related technical building services.

Within the deadline and budget, Alexa was created anew – in breathtakingly beautiful cluster malls organized by color and theme.
The on-time completion was made possible not only by the smooth execution of the many processes by night, but also by seamless coordination with all of the project participants by day.