Ben Green:
Precision landing for healthy fast food.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: Refurbishment and fit-out to create the first Ben Green restaurant.
  • Special features: Observance of the security regulations at Cologne Bonn Airport; new design concept.
  • Approach: Organization of all of the necessary special permits and access authorizations; close coordination with the airport management.
  • Design: Schwitzke & Partner.

Ben Green | Cologne/Bonn
The logistics are closely timed. Here, the delivery of sand for the floor screed.

Ben Green | Cologne/Bonn
Ben Green features a warm natural wood aesthetic

Ben Green | Cologne/Bonn
Healthy fast food is presented on the 14 m long, custom-made counter

The steel ceiling construction weighing several tons was assembled at the factory and delivered in sections for installation. The inspection was carried out by two structural engineers. Just to be on the safe side.

Without special authorization, no one gets in here.” The position of the airport management was clear. Safety means everything at Cologne/Bonn.
The first Ben Green restaurant, o be built according to a new design concept, was planned for the site. But before the first guests could be tempted with healthy fast food, the space had to be completely fitted out—according to strict security criteria.
Access passesand police clearance certificates had to be obtained: only then were all employees and subcontractors free to come and go.
What followedwas a rapid relay between the various technical crews, planned and timed by Schwitzke Project. No sooner was the floor screed broken up, newly poured, and double-sealed than the drywallers and technicians were on-site, tearing walls open and laying new wiring and ventilation ducts.
Inspected and approved,but could everybody please step aside? The kitchen is coming in, custom-built, like the entire interior—from the counter to the furnishings. Ben Green celebrated its opening on time. But who had ever doubted it?