DuMont Carré:
Suspended escalators ahead!

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: Extensive demolition and structural work on a 1,500 sqm sales area in seven months.
  • Special features: Installation of new escalators precisely fitted into an existing floor construction.
  • Approach: Cutting a 100 sqm section out of the floor slab, installing escalators, and finishing walls and floors.

DuMont Carré | Cologne
Making room for the planned measures

DuMont Carré | Cologne
Delivery of the escalators at night

DuMont Carré | Cologne
Installing the escalators required millimeter precision

Installing the escalators required millimeter precision.

DuMont Carré Cologne: Right in the heart of Cologne’s pedestrian zone, a 1,500 sqm sales area in the basement of the shopping center was remodeled.
The project included installing new escalators between floors. This involved cutting out a 100 sqm section of the ground-level floor slab.
An engineering challenge that required the use of steel supports and a solution for hoisting the first escalator to the upper floor.
Precision work was required at a dizzying height of 12 m. With hoists and additional steel beams as a safety precaution, the second escalator was also perfectly eased into position.
We are simultaneously guiding to this, work proceeded on all other aspects of the renovation – from new fire sprinklers to tile installation. The finished project was completed on budget in just seven months. Well purchased, DuMont Carré!