Much more than a restaurant.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: Refurbishment of the former Medici restaurant under pandemic-related restrictions in a five-month construction period, in close, intercultural collaboration with the proprietor, the Greek architect, as well as the Greek restaurant outfitter.
  • Special features: Transformation of the well-known, classically opulent Medici into a modern, upscale restaurant serving authentic fine Athenian cuisine: with 500 sqm of space for discerning guests, a private dining room, and custom-built coves.
  • Approach: Execution and management of work on the floors, walls, and ceilings as well as all technical trades, in close coordination with the proprietor and the architects.
  • Design: Proprietor / Elastic Architects.

filios | Baden-Baden
500 sqm of Athens in the heart of Baden-Baden.

filios | Baden-Baden
Room for exclusive private dinners.

filios | Baden-Baden
True individuals: each a cove of its own.

The refurbishment that transformed the former Baden-Baden restaurant Medici into filios was carried out fully in the spirit of the new establishment’s name: “joined in friendship.” The concept reflects the many impressions gathered from trips to, and from personal encounters in, Greece and other countries.

In close intercultural cooperation with the proprietor and their architects, the Greek firm ‘Elastic Architects’, spaces were created in which fine contemporary Greek cuisine finds its deserved setting in an ambience as upscale as it is relaxed.

In just five months, under the direction of Schwitzke Project, the floor, walls, and ceilings were refurbished and the technical installations completely modernized. All of the elements had to be brought perfectly into play, from the custom-built “coves” – separable semispherical niches formed out of plaster – to the individually designed, Greek-manufactured furniture and wood fittings. These features coalesce with high culinary pleasure to make the guest feel transported to Athens on a “journey of the senses.”

As aptly put by the proprietor: filios is the most exciting new restaurant opening of the year.