Gold’s Gym:
Sustainably fit – the new prototype is here

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: Realization of a studio prototype for the Gold’s Gym brand that unites functional, aesthetic, and environmental aims.
  • Special features: High demands on the construction of the floors, which must withstand the impact loads of the weights. Interplay of sustainable technologies as well as of natural and recycled materials. Assurance of multiplicability, so that many franchisees adopt the concept. The gym received LEED Platinum certification, the highest distinction from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification program and THE international seal attesting to especially sustainable building. LEED is a classification system for energy-saving construction.
  • Approach: On the campus of approx. 4,800 sqm in total (event hall and studio), Schwitzke Project was responsible for the fit-out and technical work for the entire 2,600 sqm studio area. Decisions on technology and materials were consistently made so as to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
  • Design: RSG Group.

Gold’s Gym | Berlin
Come in and feel at ease. Thanks to a healthy idoor climate in all areas.

Gold’s Gym | Berlin
Founders’s passion for fitness, newly displayed.

Gold’s Gym | Berlin
Handles all weight classes: poured-asphalt floor screed with interlocking paving made from recycled tires.

A fitness center with a globally unparalleled synergy of functionality and environmental awareness? Plus aesthetic qualities of the highest level? That sounds like a job for Schwitzke Project.

The result: ten-meter-high trees that filter pollutants out of the air, training floors made from recycled car tires and cork, wall tiles made from old computer monitors, a biogas-fueled combined heat and power plant, and natural energy supplied not just by the sun, but also by 150 specially developed “boost bikes.” Pedaling these, athletes naturally generate electricity that is fed into the system via 11 km of wiring.

In conjunction with the new design concept, all of this gives rise to the new prototype of the Gold’s Gym brand, powered by Schwitzke Project.