designing emotions.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: A store refurbishment project during the opening hours of the busy Kö-Galerie in Düsseldorf.
  • Special features: Interior fit-out was carried out at the same time as the structural work.
  • Approach: Flexible coordination of all building professionals.
  • Design: Schwitzke & Partner.

Leica | Düsseldorf
Two floors were completely rebuilt for the brand presentation

Leica | Düsseldorf
The 12 m long glass facade also had to be installed within the narrow time frames of the project

Leica | Düsseldorf
Smooth conctete surface and a poured Pandomo floor underscore the puristic design

Narrow, LED strip lighting embedded in the walls was among the finishing touches to the project, which had to be perfectly organized right from the start.

Two floors, 200 sqm of space, all in five weeks: every day counted in this project to create the new Leica store. The noise from construction work had to be kept to a minimum. Shoppers at the Kö-Galerie were not to be disturbed.
Schwitzke Project drew up the plan and assembled a team of building professionals. Noisy operations like demolition and ceiling installation had to be carried out during precise time slots.
Upstairs the sales floor, downstairs a gallery for exhibitions: Leica’s store of emotions gradually took shape. The ground floor was made accessible via new stairs and an elevator; all wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces were refurbished.
The structural work and interior fit-out were carried out simultaneously. This demanded a flexible coordination of the successive teams of building professionals.
Everything fit perfectly. Not just made to measure – like the LED strips in the concrete walls – but also in terms of time, budget, and quality. The Kö-Galerie has a brand-new attraction: the fascination of Leica.