Wissenschaftspark: transformation of an old laboratory into a co-working space

Key facts at a glance:

  • Project: Interior fit-out of a former laboratory to create a co-working space, elaborate renovation of a plenary assembly hall from the 1980s.
  • Special features: All fit-out furniture produced from OSB panels; construction and production in just 17 weeks.
  • Scope: Complete interior fit-out, including building services, electrical system, and production and fitting of installed furniture.
  • Interior Design: raum.atelier Goldemann-Sabbak und Hasiewicz Innenarchitekten.

Wissenschaftspark | Gelsenkirchen
Welcome to Gelsenkirchen’s most modern co-working space

Wissenschaftspark | Gelsenkirchen
“Think tanks”, lounges, work stations – space for every need

Wissenschaftspark | Gelsenkirchen
Here, ideas and trees reach to the sky

Furniture made from OSB panels, the fitting stools, and the rough concrete finish of the ceilings and walls capture the authentic feel of Germany’s industrial Ruhr region.

Science bids the eighties goodbye! On the basis of designs by raum.atelier Goldemann-Sabbak und Hasiewicz Innenarchitekten, Schwitzke Project assumed responsibility for the entire interior fit-out of a wing of the Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen. The former laboratory spaces of the science park were transformed into state-of-the-art co-working space – with the latest digital technology, multiple usage options, and fit-out furniture made completely from OSB panels. The objective was to create an industrial character that referenced the site’s Ruhr Valley setting. High-quality, individual pieces of furniture additionally ensure an attractive design counterpoint. The outdated assembly hall underwent a complete renovation, including the individual treatment of each 60 kg floor panel. The well-founded scientific result: fully booked co-working space and an assembly hall utilized to capacity.