We believe design can change the world. And we believe the world needs brands with a real personality and places with meaning. Our mission is to shape the here and now for the better – with the power of design.


Our design starts with people.

We create strong brands with a clear identity that inspires and creates the potential to become a favorite brand.

We turn your building into a brand,
into a noticeable personality

Peak Vienna: New real estate branding with feel-good character in Vienna

Our Skills

Brand strategy & development

We start at the very beginning, with the brand’s values, strategic orientation and identity. We see what makes it unique and desirable, what its roots are and where it should go in the future. We think about who the brand should reach and inspire. That’s how we stake out the potential terrain – and create the foundation for all further decisions.

Brand, market and target group analysis
Strategy workshop
Trend research
Product definition
Development of brand personality
Name development
Brand book
Corporate Design

With the vision and the potential of a brand in view, we develop ideas and every single measure to create a coherent whole. We give brands a face, a character and a personality – features that create identity, build trust, express reliability and offer orientation. And we leave out everything else.

Visual brand language
Corporate design
Typography & color palette
Graphic elements & pattern development
Office equipment
Corporate design manual
Production support
Place making & spacial experience

When everyday life, communication and perception take place increasingly digitally and on smartphones, real places become more and more important. But in order to become a center of attraction for people, neighborhoods, squares and places also need to have a meaning and unique position. We combine branding and design with an understanding of space and transfer brands and visions from 2D to 3D. We build the bridge between communication design and architecture, work out the unique position of a place and give it a memorable face and a story that can be told. For places with meaning, for people.

Brand development & story
Name development
Visual identity
Marketing brochure
Tenant’s handbook
Marketing tools
Guidance system
Space branding
Showroom branding
Implementation in space
Store branding & in-store communication

We think of brands multidimensionally and transfer their individual identity into space. We shape their home, the place where the brand interacts with people. We create adventurous spaces and favorite places for our clients’ customers – spaces and places where they feel comfortable, can experience the brand’s world and want to return.

Customer journey
Store branding
Store communication
PoS tools
Wall graphics
Guidance system
Shop window design
Visual merchandising
Visit optimization
Digital experience

The world has no borders. There are just loading times, not opening times. Any product can be bought anytime, any information can be called up anywhere. If you can’t be found online, you practically don’t exist. That’s why we are at home on the web, developing digital strategies for holistic communication and a new dimension of substance and transparency.

Digital strategy
Web & app design
Website programming
Digital in space
Seamless support
Content creation

The classic approach: big words, little content or a lot to say and no ideas. What a brand says where and how is a crucial part of its strategy. Because every personality needs a language to tell their story. We know all the sides – the brand, people, channels – and know how to place crucial messages in the right places.

Communications strategy
PR & marketing
Editorial & topic planning
Text & editing
Editorial design & production
Social media planning
Development & support of social media
Development of image content
Video & photography

About SID

We are brand developers and designers from every discipline.

Everyone has their own character. All united by a passion for brands – with a clear vision of improvement that is lived and implemented in the team.


Our superpowers: listening, asking questions, designing, doing!


Team Director

Jörg Adomaitis

Design Manager

Aja Monerjan


image of books and a green plant by the window

Nice to SID you!

We are open to new things and ready for creative innovations every day. Together with clients and colleagues, we want to bring design into the world – and make it a little more beautiful.

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